Notes: watermelon, lime, tequila, and sugar

A super special collab with local drag queen Lúmina Riviera Rola!! Taking inspiration from a watermelon margarita, this candle begins with an immediate bright and sweet watermelon scent that is slightly cut by notes of lime and tequila. It’s reminiscent of a somewhat alcoholic pink starburst! 

These 15oz candles are hand-poured, made with all-natural soy wax, and have a burn time of approximately 90 hours (if properly cared for). This is the first of our 15oz candle line, a larger and much stronger version of our 6oz candles; they’re perfect for filling up a room with your favorite Grimoire Creations scents!

Essence of Lúmina 15oz (Elixir Candle)